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Cybercrime Lawyers in Delhi

Cybercrime is a thorny issue in law. They are often complex cases involving numerous details that require a lot of skill to prosecute.

We have specialized cyber crime lawyers in Delhi High Court who have extensive knowledge about the law in this area and defend those accused of cyber crimes as well as victims of cyber attacks.

 Most cyber crimes have this “grey area” in that they can be both abusive communication and freedom of expression. For instance, it is in others, especially in hackers’ related cases, that different people genuinely differ on criminal or illegal action perceptions. 

Some of these offenses are technical, such that it is conceivable that private individuals or even firms could get involved in investigations for some wrongdoing without necessarily appreciating that the acts constitute a criminal element.

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Our Team Of Cyber Crime Law Experts

As such, our expert team of top cybercrime law firms in Delhi, India boasts sufficient technical, legal, and operational proficiency that enables us to assist you throughout each step of your case’s progress. We can help you during a criminal investigation, or prosecution, or even if you have gotten yourself wrongly caught in such activities and require urgent assistance to gain control over the entire process.

Our cybercrime lawyers can advise on:

  • Cyberstalking, cyberharassment, and harmful electronic communications
  • Indecent Images of Children’s Possession or Downloading
  • “Sextortion” and revenge porn
  • Cyber fraud and theft offences
  • GDPR offences.

Multi-disciplinary Cyber Crime Legal Experts

As cybercrime does not follow state borders, it might be beneficial for you to find out the relevant provisions on mutual legal assistance, extradition, and cross-border disclosure regimes. We have extensive experience in this field, supplemented by a well-known international offense team that can supply specialist information about possible multi-country factors should it be needed.

We also realize that cybercrime goes beyond criminality, mostly affecting individuals who are defrauded in cyberspace.

 In such cases, we collaborate with our colleagues in the disciplines of dispute resolution, employment, and public law to develop the most feasible response.

Whether you are undergoing an interview under caution, charged for a certain offense, or would like to speak with one of our best IT lawyers in the Supreme Court, feel free to reach out to Sattva Legal for advice on the necessary legal steps to take.

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